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PE Christmas Games and Stocking Fillers

Are you stuck for Christmas Physical Education Ideas and PE Christmas games this Christmas? The PE Shed has PE stocking fillers to make Physical Education exciting and relevant this Christmas.

The 12 Days of Fitness Activity Pack is a super fun Christmas PE Resource that can be used in various ways:

Option 1. Set up the activity cards around the PE space and allow students to use them independently.

Option 2. Go through the 12 days of fitness as a whole class (singing the song from the 12th Day!)

Option 3. Each day pull out the next fitness card and work backwards from that day (4th Day, 3rd Day, 2nd Day and 1st Day - singing to the 12 days of Christmas theme song).

The 5 Christmas PE Games Resource Pack includes 5 different Christmas Themed PE Games. The PE Resource Pack includes:

Christmas Game 1: Target Snowman

Christmas Game 2: Santa's Workshop

Christmas Game 3: Steal Santa's Hat

Christmas Game 4: Grinch Present Unload

Christmas Game 5: Delivering the Presents

The PE Shed would like to wish you all a happy and active Christmas. We hope you and your students enjoy these PE Christmas Games and Activities.

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