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Pokemon Tag! Gotta Catch Em' All

Pokemon Tag is a new fitness based tag game that one of our students invented in a 'making a game' unit. We love this game because it's relevant, active and fitness based. Maybe we should leave all of our PE games to the students in future!!!

Equipment: Hoops and Soft Dodgeballs

How to play: Pokemon Hunters (Taggers) aim to tag all of the Pokemon (students) by throwing Pokeballs (soft dodgeballs) at them. If a student is caught, they must go to a Pokemon Gym (hoop). Pokemon Hunters must throw the balls at Pokemon below their shoulders to catch them. To be freed, Pokemon (students) must complete a specific fitness activity (I.e 10 star jumps) in the Pokemon Gym (Hoop).



- Reduce taggers

- Reduce the number of fitness repetitions

- Reduce the difficulty of the fitness activity


- Increase taggers

- Increase the number of fitness repetitions

- Increase the difficulty of the fitness activity


- Change the fitness activity (Sit ups, press ups, squats, mountain climbers, plank etc)

- Have specific fitness activities in each gym (hoop).

- Partner freedom: Another Pokemon must save them by completing the fitness activity with them.

We'd love to know your thoughts on this game! We would also love to hear of the games your children have created in a 'making a game' unit.

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