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Myths and Fantasy

Dragon Tails Warm Up Game

Equipment:   Bibs/Pinnies

Description:   Students work individually to protect their dragon tail and try to take other students' tails. If they lose their tail they are out of the game.

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Pokemon Tag PE Game

Equipment:   Hoops and Soft Dodgeballs

Description:   Pokemon Hunters aim to catch all of the Pokemon by hitting them with Pokeballs. Caught Pokemon go to the Pokemon Gym to complete a fitness task.

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Superhero Tag PE Game

Equipment:   Soft Dodgeballs

Description:   Evil villains try to catch students by throwing the evil villain ball at them. To get freed, superheroes must exchange passes with the caught student.

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The PE Myths and Fantasy section provides you with Physical Education resources which will help you to plan Topic based PE Myths and Fantasy Games. Each PE Game outlines what equipment is required, how to set the game up, how to play the game and how to differentiate the game. The resources are all free to download and can support your PE planning. Explore the PE Games below:


The Dragon Nest PE Strategy Game

The Dragon Nest is a PE Game focused on strategy and movement. To find out how to play this PE Game and for activity differentiation download now.

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