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PE and Animals go paw in paw!

Children love learning about animals and they love learning new activities in PE. So we thought we would collaborate the two ideas together to create an Animal Physical Education Page on our website and a blog outlining the games we have included so far.

Cat and Mouse

Cat and Mouse is fun, exciting and engaging PE game which focuses on movement and coordination. Mice have to move quickly to stay away from the chasing cats. If a cat removes the mouse's tail then they are captured in the Cat's Den. This Physical Education game adds teamwork, as other mice can save captured mice by delivering them with a new tail. Who will be the last mouse crawling?

Dead Ants

Dead Ants is a PE game focused on movement, coordination, strength an teamwork. Dead Ants have to manoeuvre in fast and coordinated away to avoid the Ant Catchers. If they are tagged by an Ant Catcher they become a dead or injured Ant. Teamwork is essential in this game, as other Ants can rescue an Ant and carry it to the nearest Ant Hospital.

Spiders and Scorpions

Spiders and Scorpions come to battle in this PE Tag Game. The focus of the Physical Education game is to improve coordination and to increase core and arm strength. Spiders move around on their hands and feet with their stomachs facing upwards. Scorpions move around on their hands and feet with their stomachs facing downwards. If a Scorpion tags a Spider, the spider is caught and must lie on their back with their feet and arms pointing at the ceiling. Teamwork is also evident in this game, as other spiders can save caught spiders by pushing their legs down.

We hope these PE Animal Games give you some nice Physical Education ideas about how you can link the topic and subject together. We would love to hear your comments about how these games worked for you and your children.

If you have any games or ideas you would like to share with the Physical Education community, then email

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