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T'is the season to be active!

Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means! We wanted to share a few Christmas PE games with you that will keep your students active and engaged in the build up to Christmas.

Note: Santa strongly recommends that you play Christmas music whilst playing these games!


Target Snowman!

A great game to improve throwing accuracy.

How to play: Students throw snowballs and aim to knock over the snowman. After a knock down students must run and collect the snowman and take it to the next Station and rebuild it. Students keep knocking over the snowman until they completed all stations.


Steal Santa's Hat

A great teamwork game to improve coordination and communication.

How to play: Elves (students) are put into groups of 5/6. One student is selected as the Grinch/thief. All of the elves have to link hands to create a circle. One elf is selected to wear the Santa Hat. Elves move around in an attempt to keep the hat away from the Grinch. If the Grinch steals the hat, then a new Grinch and hat wearer is selected.


Elf Tag

A fun tagging game with a variety of tagging methods.

How to play: All students are elves and 5 are selected as special elves to start the game. Each elf has a special way of tagging other elves. Throwy is the throwing elf, Jumpy is the jumping elf, Rocky is the battle (Rock Paper Scissors) elf, Hoppy is the hopping elf and Carol is the singing elf. If you get caught by the special elves, you take their card and become a new tagger. Students have to read how each elf tags.


Grinch Shuffle

A fun strategy game focused on rescuing Christmas!

How to play: 2-5 students are selected as Grinches and the rest are elves. The Grinches have stolen Christmas and all of the presents (beanbags). Elves have to rescue the presents from the Grinches without getting caught. If the Elves get caught, they must perform a special fitness exercise (for example 10 jumping jacks) to bring back their Christmas spirit. Once all of the presents are rescued, the game is over.


Christmas Statues!

A fun movement and dancing game.

How to play: Students move and dance to Christmas music. When the music stops students must freeze. The teacher then calls out a number and the students have to get into a group with that many people in it. The student then calls out a Christmas shape and the students have to work together to create that shape. The game is then repeated using different moves, numbers of students and Christmas shapes.


We hope that this has given you a number of inspirational ways to keep students active, engaged and having Christmas fun this year. We would love to hear your feedback on the games and we would love your suggestions for other Christmas games.

Have a wonderful and happy Christmas.

The PE Shed

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Games contributed by The PE Shed and @shancamhpe, @MissVinnyPE, @Commandokiddz, @Mrdzito & @Miss_physical_education from the Aussie PhysEd Team.

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